Using Cloth Napkins for a Green Wedding

Here is exciting news for all families, as they can do a lot of saving on their napkins. And they can do it by simply switching over from paper to cloth napkins.

These cloth napkins are an ecological choice and are available in different types like cotton, damask, linen napkins etc. These napkins not only add extra sheen to your dinner tables, but also help to save our precious environment whose flora is being used to make paper napkins.

Certainly, the money saving comes over the time. If you chose from different quality cloth napkins then it may cost you a bit more in comparison to the package of paper napkins being sold in the local shops. Although money will come later, just think that we will find less garbage on the land, and more trees could be saved, and in the end, what we find that we have done a lot of saving.

According to a report it has been find out that if a person buys a paper napkin of 400 piece of Scott brand then it will cost them about $4.49. If a person has a family of 6 people then in a month his family will use at least one pack of paper napkins, and the household uses of paper napkin will cost him about $ 50. With the same amount, he can buy four sets of 4 cloth napkins at $ 11.99 each. Apart from cost the quality cloth napkins are durable and it will last for many years. The quality cloth napkins are soft, gentler, and much more useful and absorbent then the normal paper napkins.

Cloth means you have to wash them, but they don’t need regular wash after every use. After your each meal you can fold the cloth napkins and put them on the table for the use of other family members. Try to make your own napkins rings or try to help your kids to prepare a simple cardboard napkin rings by reprocessing toilet paper or the paper towel tubes. Cut out some part of the cardboard tubes and bring together some crafting supplies. You can also make some colorful and unique napkins rings with sequins, markers, feathers, dried macaroni and glitters.

You can increase your money saving by making your own home made cloth napkins. You can make them with some extra material or waste from a fabric shop. The size you have to cut is 16” by 16”. The material you have to use to make a perfect cloth napkins should be of damask, linen, or cotton. After you have done with the cutting fold all the edges, to get an ideal table setting, line the borders of the napkins with ribbons or you may also stitch the corners with beads.

These cloth napkins are also being used to keep the faces and hands clean during the meal time. If you want enhance the stylishness of the straw basket then line cloth napkins on it and serve bread or rolls to make the table more gorgeous.

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