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Light Ups~WHITE~for Eiffel Tower Vases-set of 10
Light Ups~WHITE~for Eiffel Tower Vases-set of 10
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This is for the all new wireless wedding lights in WHITE with a PULL TAB on-off switch. Sold in packs of 10 complete with batteries. Completely disposable, self-powered-battery included, waterproof miniature lighting units-1 1/2" long and 3/4"wide 3/8" thick. The lights can be turned off and on and when used each light gives hours of illumination and can be submerged in water! Once submerged though the lights will have to be fully dry to turn off as water does connect the power to stay on till dry. The batteries are not replaceable. The LightUps are a revolutionary product that brings a new dimension to floral and event design. Cost effective and easy to use, the The Lightups are a disposable, miniature, self powered, lighting unit that will illuminate any flower arrangement in a variety of ways. The Light Ups will fit in the tops of most Eiffel tower vases to illuminate them-just point down-this is how we mostly sell them for. They will fit inside all of our tower vases we sell. Light Ups can be used for practically any design element including costumes, masks, place settings, art lighting, interior design and accent lighting to name a few. They make great party favors as well. These include batteries.

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